My Wish For All Politicians

My heart goes out to all politicians, especially those in power.  Between Covid-19, climate crisis, and community deterioration, they have some incredibly important yet tough decisions to make. They must also feel like they are in a tenuous position.  Suppose they commit to making unpopular (and yet necessary) changes. In that case, they risk losingContinue reading “My Wish For All Politicians”

What Is The Most Powerful Social Asset In Your Organisation?

And have you cared for it or crushed it? What if I told you that Highly Sensitive People (HSP) were the most powerful social machines on the planet[1] and thus represent a significant asset for your organisation?  They have the ability to connect, understand and empathise with people who influence your success.  They have accessContinue reading “What Is The Most Powerful Social Asset In Your Organisation?”

Quotas Are Only Half Of The Answer

Quotas for female representation in parliament are a very popular notion at the moment.  They are being touted as a means to greater respect for women and more balanced consideration of women’s issues in policy development.  I agree that increasing the number of women in decision-making roles can redress the gender imbalance over time.  However,Continue reading “Quotas Are Only Half Of The Answer”

Are You Acting From Love Or Fear?

Love and Fear Are Opposites Someone once told me that everything we do is done either out of love or fear.  I wish I could remember who told me this so that I can thank them for this insight.  It has helped me understand so much of what I see in this world.  More importantly,Continue reading “Are You Acting From Love Or Fear?”

Do You Really Value Your Employees?

Talk is Cheap – If You Don’t Have a Compliment Management System, Then I Doubt You Truly Do! Concentrating on Complaints Is Cruel If you have read my previous article – The Untold Cruelty Happening In Your Organization Right Now, you will understand that a sole focus on complaints management can punish the employees youContinue reading “Do You Really Value Your Employees?”

Why Being Data-Driven Should Scare You!

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard the phrase ‘data-driven’ lately, right now I would be cruising happily along in a Tesla headed towards my early retirement home by the beach.  And without being rude, I am sure that is exactly what a whole host of consultants are hoping will beContinue reading “Why Being Data-Driven Should Scare You!”

The Prince Charles Earth Charter: A Testament to Ignorance

Prince Charles has recently released the Terra Carta (The Earth Charter), which calls upon private business to fund a £7billion recovery program for the planet.  It aims to widen the contribution being made into sustainability by getting big businesses to invest in Earth’s health.  The Earth Charter’s intention is admirable, and any moves to repairContinue reading “The Prince Charles Earth Charter: A Testament to Ignorance”

What Is Better Than Being A Social Media Influencer?

Being a Social Media Influencer is a second-rate game. When I first sat down and watched YouTube with my kids, I was really distressed by the amount of sneaky marketing being done. Everything from McDonalds, Crayola, Gucci, iPhones, Lego, Coke, James Charles makeup and Tesla cars were all being portrayed as ‘must have’ items. TheContinue reading “What Is Better Than Being A Social Media Influencer?”

A Blessing Disguised As A Book

Review of Active Hope — Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone “Some books present ideas. Some books go further to invoke feelings. While there are others, a rare few that, if you enter them with an open heart can deliver a life-changing blessing.” Active Hope is one of these rare books. I will admit when I first sawContinue reading “A Blessing Disguised As A Book”

The Symbolism of ScoMo in Shorts

AKA — Time To Get Your Big Boy Pants On! Like most of you I saw the picture of ScoMo half-suit, half-shorts on the weekend. Hey, no judgement here! How anyone wants to dress in their own home is completely up to them. Here’s the kicker for me though — this picture was taken by a professional photographer and IContinue reading “The Symbolism of ScoMo in Shorts”