A Blessing Disguised As A Book

Review of Active Hope — Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone “Some books present ideas. Some books go further to invoke feelings. While there are others, a rare few that, if you enter them with an open heart can deliver a life-changing blessing.” Active Hope is one of these rare books. I will admit when I first saw... Continue Reading →

The Symbolism of ScoMo in Shorts

AKA — Time To Get Your Big Boy Pants On! Like most of you I saw the picture of ScoMo half-suit, half-shorts on the weekend. Hey, no judgement here! How anyone wants to dress in their own home is completely up to them. Here’s the kicker for me though — this picture was taken by a professional photographer and I... Continue Reading →

The Economic Policy Is Killing Us!

This is a difficult article to write because I know so many people are struggling from job loss and cutbacks due to the pandemic. There is no doubt that this is traumatic, and my heart goes out to all the individuals and businesses who are trying to pick up the pieces through a recession. However,... Continue Reading →

When Words Fail – Music Speaks!

I have always had an interest in, and enjoyed music, but it is only the past few months that I have come to appreciate its true magic.  Music has the ability to instantly brighten the day, and bring light, hope and peace.  This discovery has been borne out of necessity -  trying to stay calm... Continue Reading →

There Is A Path Out Of Addiction

Yesterday I reflected on how long I have been struggling with alcohol. How sad I was when I realised alcohol abuse has been a part of my life for 30 years. I became even sadder when, after much research and soul-searching I realised the cause of this suffering. Professor Lewis, (the advocate of the deep... Continue Reading →

Bringing Active Hope For A Treaty

When I began this article, I was ready to rant and rave about my frustrations with the lack of respect and recognition for our first Australians. I was prepared to present all the systemic barriers preventing the noble and courageous step of developing a treaty. I really wanted to share my dismay and despair. And... Continue Reading →

What Is The Future For The Big 5 Consultancies?

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change." ~Charles Darwin Over the past five years the consulting industry has experienced negative growth. Between 2015-2020 the industry declined by 0.7%. The prediction is that this decline will continue as the world grapples with the economic downturn and... Continue Reading →

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